Welcome to the homepage of TITAN Electronics Inc. We are experts in designing & manufacturing USB, serial and CAN connectivity devices. We provide many products allowing conversion of signals and expansion of ports for USB, serial and CAN. Our recently developed products allows monitoring and controlling of these devices over LAN and Ethernet.

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Company Introduction

Founded in 1993, TITAN Electronics Inc. is a specialized Taiwanese designer and manufacturer of serial data communication interface and connectivity products for the global market. Located in Zhongli, the city near CKS airport, Titan is a technical-oriented manufacturer with specialty and expertise in USB, serial and CAN connectivity technologies, providing full line of data communication products of USB to RS-232, USB to RS-422, USB to RS-485, Serial to Ethernet, USB to CAN interface converters and adapters for industrial applications, point-of-sale applications, industrial process control and factory automation.

Celebrating the success of the 23rd year of our company, Titan has developed a good reputation for manufacturing high quality, high performance and cost effective serial communication products over these years. Titan Electronics Inc. is the first Taiwanese company to launch the first USB to 8-Port USB-8COM and 19-inch rack-mountable USB to 16-Port USB-16COM-RM serial adapters to the world 15 years ago. Thanks to the strict quality control of our well-trained staffs in production, superior performance and high level of reliability of the products designed by our R&D, we have gained confidence and trust from our customers and many leading technology companies in the world. We are proud that thousands of our USB to 8-Port serial adapters, USB-8COM, are being used in mobile phone manufacturing sites for testing in many leading brands worldwide.

Following the success of our USB to 8-Port & USB to 16-Port RS-232 adapters, we have launched another first of its kind 19-inch rack-mountable USB to 32-Port RS-232 serial adapter, USB-32COM-RM, to the world with the feature of large transmit and receive FIFO in the industry for higher performance.

Providing the most complete and widest range of USB to RS-232, USB to RS-422 and USB to RS-485 adapters and converters among serial I/O manufacturers, TITAN is the leading manufacturer in Taiwan, meeting different kinds of demands in RS-232/422/485 serial data communication for commercial use and industrial applications. Specializing in the design and manufacturing of USB-to-Serial products with multi-electrical serial interface RS-232, RS-422 & RS-485, we offer maximum flexibility, ease of use, and cost-effective solutions to serve the different needs of our customers worldwide.

Titan Electronics Inc. has built solid, long-term relationship with our customers, with many of them currently still cooperating with us since the establishment of our company. Our superior support and corporate culture provides win-win relationships which have brought successess to both our customers and to us. We commit ourselves to designing and manufacturing intelligent industrial USB-to-Serial products to support our customers. Contact us and tell us your need and request in USB, serial or CAN products - we will find a solution for you.