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USB Developer Boards



  • Adds a high speed TTL level serial interface by connecting to a USB port

  • Provides +5 VDC or +3.3 VDC power for external devices

  • Provides 3.3V or 5V TTL level serial interface for most microcontroller interfaces

  • Data rates up to 921.6kbps

  • No external power needed



  • Provides ten digital input and output ports, ten analog input ports and five temperature measurement input ports

  • Easy-to-use single-byte commands for controlling functions

  • Simple terminal emulator can be used to control all functions

  • Terminal block connector provided for easy connection

  • No external power needed



  • Adds two high speed RS-232 serial ports, two USB 2.0 ports and a microSD card reader to the BeagleBone/BeagleBone Black platform

  • Overcurrent protection

  • Each USB port provides 5V 500mA power to downstream device

  • Supports 1.5Mbps to 480Mbps data rates

  • Serial speeds up to 921.6kbps