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The AnyplaceUSB software integrates both Server and Client functionality into one app with clear and simple interface. You need to install the program on the Server, the local PC where the USB over Ethernet Hub is physically connected. Start the “Server” tab to share USB devices.

On the Clients, where all the remote client computers needing to connect to the shared USB devices, install the app and start the “Client” tab to access and use shared USB devices over network.

For Windows:

CMD commands for Windows:
Example :
AnyplaceUSB.exe  -h
AnyplaceUSB.exe --show-usb-list
AnyplaceUSB.exe --share-usb-port=1:1 --tcp=12345

For Linux:

Please note: AnyplaceUSB for Linux requires kernel version from 2.6.18 up to 4.4

For kernel 5.0